Our rich biodiversity

A Birder's Paradise

A stay at Kransfontein provides excellent birding opportunities. More than a 100 species have been observed on the farm and immediate vicinity. The impressive number of species is a result of the diverse habitats to be found on the farm.

Kransfontein Estate faces the Goukou River in a series of seven limestone hills or bluffs. The twin farm on the other side of the river Riethuiskraal, consists of a gently rising series of meadows around a fine piece of indigenous forest. The river gently rises and falls with the tides of the ocean which is but a few kilometres away. The two strong fountains have made the magnificent development of the two farms possible and contributes to the number and variety of the species.


Mammals sighted at Kransfontein

Kransfontein and Riethuiskraal have many separate ecosystems existant throughout their respective boundries. From fynbos situated behind the Goukou river road, to forested areas closer to the banks of the river. Wetlands and riparian zones form part of the tributaries that feed the Goukou. Large open fields and lawns also provide transitional biomes within their boundries.

A concerted effort by the owner, farmers and staff of Kransfontein and Riethuiskraal to irradicate impactful invasive species has led to a reclamation of the area by indigenous plants. This has, over time, led to the establishment of environments that allowed for the attraction of animals that maintain the integrity of these functional ecosystems. A myriad of fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians and birds interact with the mammalian population and flora to form working ecosystems.

We have newly acquired camera traps to both confirm past “word of mouth” sightings and to expand the list of mammals sighted on the farm.

PLants & Trees

While on the farm you can enjoy the fruit from the trees during your stay and attend the harvesting and pressing of the olives.